The most compelling stories
are told with data

Collaboratory is a one-of-a-kind software that helps higher education understand the landscape of their engagement – the who, what, where, when and why of activities designed with and for their community.

Community engagement is a strategy through which higher education achieves its missions and goals.

Institutions must demonstrate how they are fulfilling their missions while aligning efforts to address key community priorities – now more than ever. In Collaboratory, the specific details of community-university activities are connected to a network of affiliated community partners, units on campus, courses, and institutional programs and initiatives.

The resulting data enables practitioners and scholars to increase buy-in and understanding for community engagement and public service, advocate for its recognition in promotion and tenure policies, and demonstrate the value and impacts of their partnerships.

What is Collaboratory?

Institutions committed to being community-engaged are presented with the challenge of tracking community engagement for reports, for applications or accreditations, and to build best and impactful practice. Learn how Collaboratory can help your institution’s community engagement efforts.

From individual interactions
to collective agendas

Often times, engagement and service is driven by individualized efforts of passionate faculty and staff from across the institution. Projects ebb and flow over time, as interests and capacity shift. Collaboratory helps capture these seemingly isolated activities and organize them into a framework for reporting, storytelling, and community-level change.

Created for Higher Education, by Higher Education

Collaboratory was developed in collaboration with UNC Greensboro. UNCG’s Institute for Community and Economic Engagement created an online database to organize and report their data from hundreds of community engagement and public service activities and relationships. Collaboratory builds off of UNCG’s experience and creates a national database to further understanding of the practice and scholarship of community engagement.

Focus on building culture,
not on learning software

Software is not a silver bullet for success. Our Community of Practice goes beyond technical assistance – we provide you with the connections and conversations you need to help you cultivate and grow the community-engaged work your institution is doing.

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