Our Approach to Research

Advancing the scholarship and practice of higher education community engagement

Our Commitments


We facilitate research and scholarly inquiry using Collaboratory datasets from across our membership


We recognize and support emerging scholar-practitioners who are committed to advancing the field


We work together with partners to intentionally pursue inquiry-based projects that align with priorities and needs

Looking Across Institutions

We are committed to promoting the intentional examination of inter-institutional Collaboratory data by scholars and others who seek to unpack partnership processes and outcomes, so that we can collectively discover new insights about just what makes partnerships thrive.


"Bigger" Data on Engagement

Collaboratory provides the potential for access to “big data” on engagement that can lead to more quantitative and systematic approaches, while ensuring that comparisons are more consistent across institutions by using our standard, literature-based dataset.

Making Deeper Questions Possible

  • What makes some partnerships more effective than others?

  • Why do some grow more robust, while others wither away?

  • How can communities work together to create positive and lasting change?

  • How do we flip the narrative on traditional benchmarking tactics, which only recognize institutional strengths and assets? 

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