The 2023 Collaboratory Summit


Opening Session: Collaboratory Administrator Panel Tuesday, September 26 | 2:00 - 3:30pm ET

Join us for a discussion with panelists from various higher education institutions who will discuss how Collaboratory – and more broadly, community engagement assessment, has shaped (or how it will shape) their institution. From specific types of partnerships to promotion and tenure changes to strategic planning, campuses will share how they approach and think through impact. 


  • Dr. Shalom Staub, Director of the Center for Community Learning, UCLA
  • Dr. Kristin Norris, Associate Director in the Office of School Partnerships, Indiana University System
  • Molly Manley, Outreach and Engagement Manager in the Office of Metropolitan Impact, University of Michigan-Dearborn

Administrator Working Sessions
Wednesday, September 27 | 2:00 - 4:00pm ET

Join fellow Collaboratory Administrators for a 2-hour working session that is designed to assist institutional teams identify strategies for implementation and data use that they can put into motion on their own campuses. These working group sessions will be a time to work through challenges and opportunities and share in Collaboratory planning efforts, including some guiding questions to assist in pushing Collaboratory work forward. The working session will be divided into individual work time, break out groups, and large-group sharing. 

Closing Session: Using Institutional Data to Understand the Impacts of Community Engagement Across the Country
Thursday, September 28 | 2:00 - 3:00pm ET

Research on the impacts of community engagement in higher education is still in an early stage, particularly when it comes to documenting engagement’s impact beyond the institution. Existing research tends to be qualitative in nature, focused on individual partnerships. There is a pressing need for quantitative and mixed-methods research that looks at outcomes and impacts across partnerships, departments, and institutions. One approach to addressing this gap is using the kind of institutional data on engagement that increasing numbers of colleges and universities are collecting. 

In this webinar, scholars will present on a study of community engagement impact using the Collaboratory database, which includes institutional data from almost 50 colleges and universities across the country. The presenters will share initial findings, which contribute to a baseline understanding of the landscape of engagement and its current and potential impacts. Presenters will also discuss the limitations of the study, and the challenges and opportunities of using institutional data to study community engagement.  


  • Dr. Paul Kuttner, CUMU-Collaboratory Research Fellow; Director of Programs, Community Campus Partnerships for Health; and former associate director of University Neighborhood Partners at the University of Utah
  • Erin Clouse, Director of Strategy and Alignment, University of Utah Medical Group
  • Tanner Ellison, Research Analyst, University of Utah

Student Summit: Considerations for Community Engagement and Engaged Research
Friday, September 29 | 2:00 - 4:00pm ET

This one-day virtual conference, offered in collaboration with Campus Compact and the Graduate Student Network of the International Association for Research on Service-Learning and Community Engagement, is open to any and all undergraduate and graduate students and early career professionals interested in community engagement and community-engaged research. This virtual conference offers professional development and opportunities to share and collaborate with others, in particular addressing questions like:

  • “Should I go to graduate school and/or get a PhD?”
  • “How do I leverage community-engaged experiences in career advancement?”
  • “What kinds of jobs are there in this field?”
  • “What are the current trends and lines of inquiry in Engaged Research?”
  • And more!
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