Catch Up on the 2022-2023 Coffee Breaks!

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One of the most valuable aspects of being a Collaboratory institution is the opportunity to learn with and from each other.  Take the time to revisit or watch these virtual workshops from 2023 Spring, available ONLY to Administrators, to support Collaboratory’s success on their campuses.  Our Spring 2023 offerings include:

Collaboratory’s Back to School Update

August 2022

School is in session!  Join us in August to learn about exciting new developments and resources, and those on the horizon.  Come touch base with fellow Collaboratory Administrators (and new institutions!) as we provide updates about upcoming Collaboratory partnerships and features, and the direction of our Community of Practice.  Come with questions and goals for the semester, as we chat about ways to implement and leverage Collaboratory this Fall.

Student Perspectives: A Panel

September 2022

This Coffee Break is all about students!  Come hear from a panel of undergraduate and graduate students working with Collaboratory.  Learn from students first-hand about why they are interested in this work, their primary roles and responsibilities as student assistants working with Collaboratory, the challenges and wins they’ve had interacting with faculty and the data, and the advice they would pass on to future students and Collaboratory Administrators.

Collaboratory Data Use

November 2022

For the November Coffee Break, we welcome Dr. Emily Janke to share how she is strategically positioning Collaboratory at UNC-Greensboro.  Dr. Janke serves as the Director of the Institute for Community and Economic Engagement, as well as an Associate Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies at UNC-Greensboro and Collaboratory co-founder.  This Coffee Break will focus on one of our favorite Collaboratory topics – data use.  Building on Dr. Janke’s expertise and experience championing this work at UNC-Greensboro, this will be a dialogue exchanging different perspectives, ideas, and use cases for Collaboratory data.

Telling the Collaboratory Story

December 2022

We are excited to welcome two fantastic Collaboratory Administrators to the December Coffee Break!  Dr. Ann Schulte from CSU Chico and Christina Ngo from Arizona State.  Both administrators have unique perspectives on how to spread the word about Collaboratory and communicate a unified story to maximize strategic efforts, while celebrating the work of faculty and staff on their respective campuses. 

Closing the Loop with Faculty

Tuesday, January 24 | 2:00-3:00pm EST

Working with faculty and staff to ensure their work is represented in Collaboratory can be a struggle! Join us for the first Coffee Break of 2023, where the University of Maryland-Baltimore will share how they approach gathering data, generating buy-in, and closing the loop with engaged faculty and staff. Come share and ask questions about various strategies for engaging with faculty and staff.

Working with an Engagement Council/Data Liaisons across Campus

Tuesday, February 21 | 2:00-3:00pm EST

Have you considered creating a data liaison network, community engagement task force, or engaged faculty/staff council at your institution? In need of ideas and strategies about how to work with colleagues on your campus who are excited about Collaboratory or who could assist with data entry and sharing? Join the February Coffee Break to hear from Kristin Norris and Anna Galvez at Indiana University and learn how they have created a network to assist with implementing and leveraging Collaboratory across IU.

Working with Student Affairs/Student Groups to Capture Co-Curricular Data

Tuesday, March 21 | 2:00-3:00pm EST

If you are considering how to strategically connect with and capture the engagement of student organizations and co-curricular efforts across your institution, our March Coffee Break is for you! Both Alia Pustorino at Duquesne University and the Winona State Collaboratory team have prioritized working with students and student life to capture co-curricular engagement data. Learn how both campuses approach capturing co-curricular, student-led activities in Collaboratory.

Working with External Stakeholders/Local Communities

Tuesday, April 18 | 2:00-3:00pm EST

Recognizing the complex dynamics of the communities in which institutions are situated, place is critically important as it relates to community engagement data collection in Collaboratory. At our last Coffee Break of the year, come learn about two unique approaches to engaging with the larger community, building trust, and celebrating ethical and reciprocal partnerships. Ellen Szarleta’s approach at IU Northwest has always started from the perspective of community partners and leaders in an urban context. Julie Mowrer’s approach at Hawai’i Hilo centers on the thoughtfulness and intentionality of working with the Native Hawaiian community. Regardless of your institution’s location and approach, this promises to be a rich conversation with great thought partners.

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