Collaboratory 2021: A Year in Review

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2021 ushered in a year of growth and expansion for Collaboratory.  It is our honor to continue supporting and working alongside our partner institutions, administrators, and organizations!

We worked with 12 New Institutions 

(44 total)

3,790 Published Activities

51% are connected to courses
16% are connected to research
5,959 community partners involved
1,143 faculty/staff involved

Growing the Team

Collaboratory welcomed Matt Seto, Data Analytics and BI Reporting Specialist, and Katie Evans, Institutional Success Specialist, to the team.  Read more about the Collaboratory team.

Democratizing Data

In November 2021 Collaboratory officially launched its newly available, publicly accessible administrative dataset containing over 3,000 community engagement and public service activities and relationships from across 40+ U.S. higher education institutions.  Learn more about the dataset and how to access it.

Deepening Partnerships

We conducted our first annual cohort with 24 AASCU institutions, Understanding Engagement in Times of Crisis, and continue to work closely with them to track how their campuses leverage engagement in response to crisis.  In October, we launched our second cohort with AASCU institutions, Re-Imagining Campus-Community PartnershipsNine universities have joined a community of practice to better understand their campus-community partnerships.

Advancing Scholarship

Alongside our partners, Collaboratory documented its research in the areas of partnership strength and placemarking, while making explicit Collaboratory’s theory of change.

Improving Visibility

Collaboratory focused new feature developments on enhanced search functionality and a new geolocation ability, alongside improved administration tables to help stakeholders find useful information quickly.

Climbing Together

Collaboratory hosted its first virtual Summit in October, welcoming over 100 institutional administrators, faculty, staff, students, and community partners to connect and converse about campus-community partnerships.  Revisit the kickoff Senior Leadership Panel discussion and the State of Collaboratory: Identifying Inter-Institutional Trends to Revitalize Engagement Strategies

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If your institution is not yet using Collaboratory, email [email protected] to learn more about how to leverage Collaboratory to tell your institution’s story of engagement.

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