December 2020 Research Roundup

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Collaboratory’s Research Roundup is a quarterly digest that shares a recap of current scholarship, research, and thought leadership in the field of higher education as it relates to community engagement, partnership development, practice, assessment, and evaluation. 

This edition of the Research Roundup focuses on the current health of the nonprofit sector in the time of pandemic.  The resources below provide a look into how community organizations are responding in these difficult and challenging times.

Health of the U.S. Nonprofit Sector

The annual Health of the U.S. Nonprofit Sector is a new and developing resource that conveys important information on the current health of the U.S. nonprofit sector across multiple dimensions in a single, accessible format.  Most information on the health and well-being of nonprofits is found across multiple, single-issue reports, which makes it difficult to get a complete picture of overall sector health.  This annual review makes a broad set of measures that are easily accessible and presented side-by-side, so stakeholders and key decision makers can see the most accurate snapshot of the state of civil society.  Access the report.

On the Front Lines: Nonprofits Led by People of Color Confront COVID-19 and Structural Racism

The Building Movement Project’s report, On the Frontlines: Nonprofits Led by People of Color Confront COVID-19 and Structural Racism, shines a spotlight on how 2020’s social upheavals are affecting people of color-led (POC) nonprofit organizations and their communities, programs, leadership, and financial sustainability.  The report also provides recommendations to strengthen these nonprofits, leaders of color, and their communities well beyond the crisis response and recovery period and for decades to come.  Access the report.

2020: The Year that Changed Everything

The word “unprecedented” has been used to describe the current year with such frequency that it’s becoming shopworn.  Still, the cumulative impact of COVID-19, high unemployment, and social turmoil has been nothing less.  Confronted with suffering and ever-increasing need, the entire philanthropic community is under pressure to do more with finite resources.  To determine how private foundations are meeting this moment, Foundation Source asked its private foundation clients about the forces shaping their grant-making, how they’ve adapted their missions and strategies, and their outlook for the remainder of the year.  Access the report.

Community in Crisis: A Look at Charitable Activity and Civic Engagement in Times of Crisis

This report reveals that charitable behaviors in America tend to surge and then dramatically decrease following a crisis.  It offers insight into how the COVID-19 pandemic may change civic life in America.  For the past several months, the world has struggled with the economic, social, and financial impacts of COVID-19, with the nonprofit sector being hit especially hard.  This new analysis aimed to better understand how the pandemic might influence the way people give their time and dollars to charitable efforts given their response to recent natural and economic disasters.  Access the report.

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The resources provided above don’t even begin to scratch the surface.  If we did not include a resource you think we should know about and share, contact us at [email protected]

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