NobleHour Partners with Technology Association of Oregon

Volunteers working together to plant and make a difference in their community.

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PORTLAND, OR (April 22, 2019)–  To promote and encourage corporate volunteerism, NobleHour – a leading community engagement platform – has partnered with Technology Association of Oregon (TAO) to increase volunteerism throughout the state of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.

The partnership is the first of its kind and is open to all TAO members —  more than 400 technology companies in Oregon. Together, NobleHour and TAO are encouraging business members to take advantage of the NobleHour platform for free. NobleHour is one of the leading volunteer impact solutions in the nation, connecting volunteers and opportunities. NobleHour empowers businesses to connect with nonprofits, volunteers, and report on the impact they’re making in the community — all through an easy-to-use tool.

The NobleHour and TAO partnership will mean a lot to regional businesses and nonprofits, especially those looking to tap into resources that benefit the state at large. “We see more and more businesses getting into corporate volunteerism as a way to engage their employees while making an impact in their community,” shared Allison Hale, Director of Marketing for NobleHour. “We want to make it easier for them to connect with community partners and nonprofit organizations.”

In addition to free access to the NobleHour tool, TAO and NobleHour are also offering networking and social events, access to curated volunteer days, a volunteer toolkit and related resources, and access to advanced employee reporting and surveys. TAO member organizations will also be able to measure their impact alongside others that are participating, encouraging deeper connections and stronger involvement between community partners and businesses.

NobleHour, which recently launched its Volunteer Challenge initiative, aims to bring together businesses and nonprofit organizations across the state to help foster corporate volunteerism. The initiative gained the attention of TAO president and CEO Skip Newberry “As an association, we are constantly researching ways for our membership and industry to become more connected and engaged with the communities in which we work and live. TAO is excited to partner with NobleHour to offer a new benefit to our member companies that will provide a bigger impact on Oregon and Southwest Washington.” 

“Oregon is ranked third nationwide for volunteering and has one of the highest concentrations of nonprofits in the nation. We want to help people find volunteer opportunities and continue to volunteer. We don’t just want the one-off volunteer opportunities,” says Mike Calvo, Director of Sales and New Business Development for NobleHour.

TAO and NobleHour will continue to work together through 2019 and 2020 to improve corporate and nonprofit connections in their communities. With the hope to see even larger strides in how organizations in the community interact with one another and to see TAO business members start to create and refine volunteer policies that attract top talent and create a happy workforce. “Whether it’s for recruitment, retention, employee and community engagement, public relations – or all of the above TAO wants to help our members fully leverage their volunteering initiatives to maximize the benefits for their business,” says Skip Newberry, CEO of TAO.



Since 2007, NobleHour, a Certified B Corp, has proven to be the volunteer connection and impact solution for organizations across the nation.  Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, the NobleHour team is dedicated to empowering good in communities across the PNW and the country.


Technology Association of Oregon is the force behind the Oregon tech industry. Supporting entrepreneurs, connecting peers, and decision-makers, and helping grow the Northwest as a global hub for innovation.

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