Past Workshops & Webinars

Collaboratory Pre-Con at 2019 continuums of Service conference

Exploring the Nature of our Partnerships: Institution-wide Data Collection on Community Engagement
Wednesday, March 6, 2019 | 8:30am-1:00pm PDT


  • Barbara Holland, Higher Education Consultant
  • Brenda Marsteller Kowalewski, Associate Provost for High Impact Programs and Faculty Development, Weber State University
  • Emily Janke, Director of the Institute for Community & Economic Engagement, UNC Greensboro
  • Lauren Wendling, Customer Specialist, TreeTop Commons
  • Lisa Keyne, Chief Strategy Officer for Collaboratory, TreeTop Commons
  • Maria Silva, Director of Neighborhood & Community Engaged Partnerships, University of San Diego

Teams of engagement administrators, leaders, and advocates joined us in developing strategies to identify, collect, interpret, and use community engagement metrics. Through large group presentations, small group discussion, and individual team work, participants:

  • Shared individual and institutional motivations for and uses of community engagement data
  • Understood the contexts which increase the need for institutions to define and describe community engagement
  • Learned with two campuses as they use Collaboratory to collect, analyze, and visualize related data (including examples of data outputs for discussion)
  • Explored strategies for using data as a basis for measuring outcomes and impact across faculty/staff, students, community partners, and institutions
  • Considered how to create opportunities to increase the rigor of scholarship on the collective activities and impact of community-higher education partnerships
  • Reviewed implications of this data for communications and messaging while maintaining best practices and standards
  • Examined how data enhances other institutional functions, e.g., the ability to convene and refer individuals and organizations across sectors working toward aligned agendas

Dr. Emily Janke at the 2018 Assessment Institute

We were pleased to recognize Dr. Emily Janke, Collaboratory Administrator at UNC Greensboro, as she presented the keynote for the Community Engagement Track at the 2018 Assessment Institute in Indianapolis, IN.

Keynote Session: Rethinking What We Want and Need to Know about Partnerships
Monday, October 22, 2018 | 10:00am-11:00am EST

While partnership principles are central to community engagement, practical understanding of how reciprocity and mutual benefit are actually enacted is challenging due to interrelatedness of issues, layers of interactions, and diversity of people, purpose, and process. How can we improve how we track, assess, and research community-campus partnerships such that we can see institutional portraits of community engagement and improve both the study and practice of reciprocal and mutually beneficial partnerships?

2nd annual collaboratory summit - deeper with data summit

Wednesday, October 24, 2018 | 2:30pm-5:00pm EST

Treetop Commons invited current Collaboratory administrators to join us in Chicago, Illinois, for our second annual Collaboratory Summit, immediately following the CUMU Conference. This event supported administrators to deepen their understanding of community engagement and public service at their institutions.

Conference session at the 2018 cumu conference

Facilitated by Kristin Medlin & Lisa Keyne
Tuesday, October 23, 2018 | 1:00pm-1:30pm EST

Data is a means AND an end: Closing the Assessment Feedback Loop
You’ve collected great community-university partnership data across your entire institution! Have you thought about how to close the assessment feedback loop, ensuring that data is used to inform ongoing efforts, satisfy institutional and community outcomes, and meet stakeholder goals? This presentation will encourage participants to see their assessment and evaluation efforts through to the end – beyond data collection and into tangible, actionable change.

free webinar: engaging the community - Data that tells the story

September 27, 2018 | 2:00pm-3:00pm EST
In partnership with the American Association of State Colleges and Universities

Moderator: José Cabrales, Ph. D., Program Director of Student Success, AASCU
Lisa Keyne, Ph.D., Chief Strategy Officer for Collaboratory, Treetop Commons
Amy Conrad Warner, Vice Chancellor for Community Engagement, IUPUI
Kristin Norris, Ph.D., Director of Assessment, Office of Community Engagement, IUPUI

Treetop Commons and Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis discussed how data provides great opportunity to strengthen the important work the institution is pursuing in and with communities.   

Discussed the value of monitoring and measuring community engagement and public service efforts to ensure institutional goals and strategies are accomplished, faculty and staff are recognized, community members receive accurate information, and goals are refined, practice deepened. Introduced to systems, including Collaboratory, a new SaaS, used to track the work, tell the story, and grow opportunities to join with the community in addressing its greatest challenges — and opportunities!

Conference Session At The 2018 Campus Compact Conference

Facilitated by Lisa Keyne & Kristin Medlin
March 27, 2018 | 1:30pm EST

Give me the Data: Faculty/staff motivations for tracking community engagement and public service
Your institution is engaging in diverse ways throughout your community, without being aware of the totality of activities and partnerships! Your data collection may be basic, a sophisticated homegrown system, a third party solution, or a hybrid. How do you get the data, ensuring all aspects of the institution are invited to participate and well-represented?


Carnegie! A full day meeting for your team

Facilitated by John Saltmarsh, Marshall Welch, and Barbara Holland
December 1, 2017
Applying for the Carnegie Community Engagement Classification: Getting Started
Hosted in partnership with Campus Compact
Learn more

Treetop Commons and Campus Compact offered a full-day Carnegie workshop in Vancouver, WA in partnership with John Saltmarsh and the Swearer Center at Brown University, the new administrative home of the the Carnegie Community Engagement Classification. This workshop supported member campuses that are first-time applicants or reclassifying for the 2020 Carnegie Community Engagement Classification.

This one-day workshop was designed to assist campuses preparing for the Carnegie Community Engagement classification and addressed preparation for both first-time applicants and campuses that are reclassifying (those classified in 2010). The workshop included:

  • an orientation to both the classification and reclassification frameworks

  • an overview of the 2020 process

  • additions and changes to the documentation framework

  • review of the documentation framework and complete application

  • strategies that have been effective for successful application

Assessing our work: Two days for selected institutions

Facilitated by John Saltmarsh and Marshall Welch
November 29-30, 2017
Current Practice and Infrastructures for Campus Centers of Community Engagement
Learn more

Prior to arrival, institutions completed the National Inventory of Institutional Infrastructure for Community Engagement (NIIICE). At the institute, Drs. Saltmarsh and Welch shared institutions’ results and helped participants create an Action Plan addressing current practices and infrastructure.

Pieces to Masterpiece: Crafting your Community Engagement Story - A three part webinar series

Facilitated by Emily Janke (bio)
Webinar Recordings Available here!

Illuminating your institution’s portrait of community engagement and public service activities is about more than gaining recognition for good work that has already been done. Understanding the full scope and depth of who is doing what, where, when, with whom, to what ends is also an effective organizational change strategy to increase the practice and legitimacy of community engagement as scholarly work.

This webinar series explores theory-driven strategies to build a shared and collective campus-wide conversation about the role and value of community engagement in meeting institutional priorities including enrollment, hiring, diversity, and fundraising. Learn about strategies to collect information that allow you to understand your institutional portrait, and why systems to track and measure community engagement activities are strategically invaluable in revealing your institution’s “masterpiece” as a community-engaged institution.

Webinar: Creating And Enhancing Campus Infrastructure For Advancing Community Engagement

Dr. John Saltmarsh, Professor, Higher Education in the Department of Leadership in Education, College of Education and Human Development University of Massachusetts, Boston (bio)

Dr. Marshall Welch, Independent Scholar (bio)

Welch and Saltmarsh introduced an inventory that helps institutions understand their current infrastructure in order to set goals and develop strategy to support and deepen their community engagement. Participants had the opportunity to consider participation in a daylong Institute that the presenters offer to help institutions unpack the data collected through the inventory.  This webinar was ideal for any institution that prioritizes community engagement and can benefit from a process by which to evaluate and envision.

Interested in learning more? Welch and Saltmarsh have two resources you can review:
–     Current Practice and Infrastructures for Campus Centers of Community Engagement
–     Engaging Higher Education: Purpose, Platforms, and Programs for Community Engagement

Webinar: The carnegie community engagement classification: a broad overview

Dr. Barbara Holland, Collaboratory Consultant; Senior Scholar, Institute for Community and Economic Engagement, The University of North Carolina Greensboro

Dr. Holland shared her thoughts about the design and content of the Carnegie application and some of the factors involved in making the decision about whether your institution is ready to apply.  Great opportunity to gain some tips as you continue the discussions at your institution about the who, what, when of applying for this elective classification.

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