Collaboratory® will be your one tool to track and review your community-campus engagement. Your institution can start laying a foundation for Collaboratory’s implementation today.

Clarify How You Will Use Collaboratory Data

Identify why Collaboratory is interesting to your institution.

  • You may want to gather data for one of the applications that assesses or recognizes institutional community engagement:

Carnegie Community Engagement Classification

National Campus Compact Annual Membership Survey

Accreditation reports

  • You may want to gather data to monitor and measure whether the work underway is being done effectively. Engagement success depends on connecting to the institution’s strategic goals; core emphasis, mission and capacity (i.e., research, teaching, learning); and policies, structures, systems and values.

Think deeply about next steps

Identify specific goals that will assist your institution to deepen its community engagement. Resources to Assist:

Organize existing institutional work

How — and why — does your institution monitor and measure its community engagement work? Look for ways you use information to:

  • Promote quality practices and strengthening of engagement
  • Discover areas of similar work or partnerships
  • Encourage focused/strategic activities
  • Promote collaboration across projects
  • Engage and recognize partners
  • Identify resource needs or benefits of investment
  • Join with partners in addressing critical areas of local, national and international interests

Prepare to integrate Collaboratory data

Collaboratory will provide report templates to help you present your institution’s unique information to stakeholders on and off campus. In addition you will be able to run searches and organize your data.

We look forward to providing examples of how Collaboratory institutions utilize their data to promote understanding and ownership of institutional community engagement work.

For additional information contact Lauren Wendling,