What is Collaboratory?

Collaboratory is a one-of-a-kind software that helps institutions understand the landscape of their engagement -
the who, what, where, when and why of activities designed with and for their community. ​

A Relational Database

  • Collaboratory centers community engagement and public service activities as the unit of analysis
  • This reframes the focus of reporting on work actually happening between the institution and the community, with data on collaborators, courses, research, and funding to support it
  • Your data remains centralized, secure, and easy to navigate

A Public Platform

  • Use data to match internal initiatives with interests of donors
  • Reinforce key institutional messages by leveraging data for strategic communication
  • Use reliable, current data to respond to external stakeholders and showcase an institution’s impact

A Tracking and Monitoring Tool

  • Collaboratory provides a portrait of community engagement and public service activities that can inform institutional strategy
  • Centralize and organize who is doing what, where, with whom, and to what ends
  • Serves as a baseline or foundation for implementing measurement strategies

A Community of Practice

  • Connect with like-minded practitioners and scholars from other Collaboratory institutions to share ideas, successes, and challenges
  • Access expertise and best practices in community engagement 
  • Collaborate on topics of mutual interest and advocate for community-identified priorities

An Educational Device

  • Inform and distinguish between the spectrum of engagement and service activities
  • Advocate for the value of community engagement work as it relates to your institution’s mission and vision
  • Integrate community engagement into teaching and research

A Research Dataset

  • Institutions that use Collaboratory opt into having their data shared with our national research initiative
  • Activities provide concrete examples of how various priorities are operationalized via community engagement and public service
  • Scholars can access de-identified data collected via Collaboratory for research purposes

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