Collaboratory 2020: A Year in Review

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2020 was a year of growth and resilience. Collaboratory is proud to support our partner institutions, administrators, and the field more broadly!

We worked with 22 New Institutions 

(42 total)

2,333 Published Activities

24% are connected to courses
18% are connected to research
2,868 community partners involved
687 faculty/staff involved

Making Moves

Collaboratory is now proudly part of the HandsOn Connect family! We are excited to continue learning and listening, and are committed to bringing technical resources and enhancements.  Learn more about HandsOn Connect.

Supporting Research

We funded three inaugural Research Fellows, each of whom will be exploring the intersection of higher education community engagement with key areas of global relevance.  Meet the 2020 Collaboratory Research Fellows.

Developing Partners

We joined forces with AASCU’s American Democracy Project to develop the Understanding Engagement in Times of Crisis initiative.  24 institutions have formed a community of practice to collaborate and deepen their understanding of community engagement in the time of pandemic.  See the list of partnering institutions.

Building Infrastructure

We laid the foundations for the future success of Collaboratory’s Research Initiative by developing a robust data warehouse.  This will make it easier to aggregate and de-identify data across portals and provide data to scholars who request it.  Contact Director of Research, Kristin Medlin, to learn more.

Ensuring Accessibility

We have taken significant strides to become more accessible for all!  We have completed a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT), which outlines Collaboratory’s accessibility standards and compliance with Section 508 of the US Rehabilitation Act.

Want to learn more about Collaboratory?

If your institution is not yet using Collaboratory, email [email protected] to learn more about how to leverage Collaboratory to tell your institution’s story of engagement.

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