Spring 2019 Coffee Break Lineup Announced!

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One of the most valuable aspects of being a Collaboratory institution is the opportunity to learn with and from each other. We are excited to announce a series of workshops this spring, available ONLY to Administrators, to support Collaboratory’s success on their campuses.

Coffee Breaks will be held on the third Tuesday of each month at 2p EST. Our Spring 2019 offerings include:

Monday, January 14, 2019 | 1:00-1:30pm EST

Tips and Tricks: (Re)Applying for Carnegie

Presenter: Dr. Emily Janke

Is your institution in the process of applying for the elective Community Engagement Carnegie classification or reclassification? Or are you considering how to operationalize the commitments your institutions made to documenting your continued engagement since earning classification?

Grab a cup of coffee and start your new year off right! This short (but powerful!) presentation will help your institution:

  • Review last-minute strategies to institutionally crowdsource necessary data while expanding institutional relationships

  • Identify tips for completing the application itself – including pitfalls, challenges, and opportunities to leverage your institution’s strengths

  • Communicate with institutional leaders, faculty, and staff about the value of data collection initiatives like Carnegie and lay the foundation for future data needs

  • Learn how Collaboratory can support your Carnegie data collection efforts

Dr. Emily Janke is the Director of the UNC Greensboro Institute for Community & Economic Engagement and an Associate Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies. Emily is a member of the Carnegie Classification National Advisory Panel, and led the re-classification process for UNC Greensboro in 2015.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019 | 2-3pm EST

Motivating Faculty and Staff to Provide Data

Presenter: Dr. Barbara Holland

“If you ask them, they will do it!” Don’t you wish this were a true statement? In reality, getting faculty and staff to participate in institutional data collection initiatives such as Collaboratory can seem like a daunting task. This webinar will offer useful strategies to help you inspire faculty and staff to celebrate their community engagement work by creating and maintaining activities in Collaboratory. Topics addressed will include:

  • Insights into faculty/staff perspectives on institutional data requests

  • Strategies for framing the purpose and intended use of collected data

  • Spreading your message across campus

  • Attaining and maintaining buy-in from leadership

  • Identifying champions and advocates

  • Celebrating and elevating the profile of community engagement

Tuesday, March 19, 2019 | 2-3pm EST

Leveraging Proxies

Presenter: Dr. Kristin Norris and Lauren Wendling

With all the tasks that faculty and staff must balance, they may be more likely to respond to a data request if something has already been started for them, vs. having to start completely from scratch. Enter Collaboratory’s Proxy functionality! Proxies are individuals who can enter data on behalf of faculty and staff – and they are a critical part of an institution’s success strategy. Whether a departmental liaison, student assistant, or staff person, proxies can help you achieve your data collection goals. This webinar will offer strategies for identifying and leveraging proxies across your institution in support of Collaboratory data collection.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019 | 2-3pm EST

Maximizing Collaboratory Reports

Presenter: Kristin Medlin and Eric Tsai

Data is only as good as the insights you can get out of it! Join us for a deep dive into Collaboratory’s reporting functionality. We will share a basic overview of available features and strategies for using the reports creatively, as well as concrete examples of such requests, and consider choice points in how to present that data. We will also facilitate dialogue about what reporting functionality would be most useful for you, given your unique needs and perspectives.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019 | 2-3pm EST

Sharing a Data Liaison Strategy

Presenter: Dr. Kristin Norris

In the immortal words of Alice Cooper, “school’s out for summer!” How are you planning to leverage your summer months to ensure good usage of Collaboratory in 2019-2020? Consider establishing a network of data liaisons, with whom you can partner across campus in support of awareness, advocacy, and data collection needs.  Data liaisons can be instrumental in identifying faculty/staff and their activities that should be in Collaboratory, as well as in starting their activities. They can become eyes and ears that help you build a robust database for your institution. Join us as IUPUI shares their experience of setting up and maintaining such a data liaison network. Presenters will address:

  • Why data liaisons are crucial for both Collaboratory administrators and units across your campus

  • How creating this role can be used to inform and support your implementation strategy

  • Help you identify what information others need that Collaboratory can provide

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